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This year marks the 25th anniversary of Deborah’s first book, The People Who Hugged the Trees. Her newest book in progress is the story of Beauty, the American bald eagle, who received the first-ever prosthetic eagle beak when hers was shot off. This book is coathored with Janie Fink Veltkamp, the raptor biologist who cares for this extraordinary eagle and led the beak team.

Deborah’s books have been named to the Reading is Fundamental/Macy’s 2015 Multicultural Collection and The New York Times 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing. They have won the Family Choice Award, two NAPPA Gold Awards and  the Eureka Silver Book Award for Nonfiction. Her books have been published in many languages and included in major school anthologies in the US, Canada and UK. Her lullaby book Someone’s Sleepy is also a lullaby song download by Grammy winner Tom Chapin. Her 14 books include Jimmy the Joey, The Spelling Bee Before Recess and Into the A, B, Sea, which has sold a quarter million copies.

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(c) 2015 Deborah Lee Rose/www.deborahleerose.com/Free use for home, schools or nonprofit education organizations/For permission to reprint or adapt, email deborahleerose@sbcglobal.net/Special thanks to Pacific Grove Public Library, Pacific Grove, California whose annual haunted house inspired this poem


A Spooky Rhyme
by Deborah Lee Rose

Peek inside the cobwebbed door.
Tiptoe ‘cross the creaky floor.
Peer around the darkened room,
thick with dust and haunted gloom.

Feel a shiver in the air.
Who knows what fiends are lurking there.
A ghost jumps out along the way!
Spooky sounds begin to play…

Shrieking goblins, hooting owls,
moaning ghosts and werewolf howls.
Hissing cats and rattling bones,
curdling screams and zombie groans.

A mummy rises from the dead!
Frankenstein removes his head.
Three witches stir a bubbling stew
and offer you a bite, or two.

Dracula unfurls his cape—
Too late! Now there is NO escape…
You feel your heartbeat freeze with fright.
But wait—is that a glimpse of light?

Just one way out. No time to spare!
Duck past the ghost that lingers there.
Race back across the creaky floor
and rush outside the cobwebbed door.

Safe now from that haunted den…
until it’s time to go


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Meet Deborah

deb with book sculptureMy favorite sculpture, at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center

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Contra Costa Times article about Deborah’s Awards

Deborah Lee Rose is an internationally published, award-winning author of bestselling children’s books. She writes both fiction and nonfiction books for children from preschool age and up. Her book topics include koala rescue, a school spelling bee, ocean animals, kindergarten, the seasons, sleepy time and much more. Her books have won the Family Choice Award, the NAPPA Gold Award twice, the Eureka Silver Honor Award for Nonfiction, and been named to the Reading is Fundamental/2015 Macy’s Multicultural Collection and NY Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing. She is an inspiring and engaging speaker for professional conferences, public book events and schools, where teachers tell her “You are the BEST author assembly we ever had!”

She also helped create and directs communications for Howtosmile.org, the NSF-funded online collection of more than 3,500 STEM activities for all ages, named a Best Website for Teaching & Learning by the American Association of School Librarians and a Great Website for Kids by ALA’s Association for Library Service to Children. As a science writer for UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, she has helped create the groundbreaking STEM apps DIY Sun Science and DIY Lake Science, as well as major exhibits including the Nanozone and Forces That Shape the Bay. She also served as Communications Director of the oldest wildlife rehabilitation hospital in the U.S. She was one of the first National Science Writing Fellows of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing. She lives with her family in the Walnut Creek, in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Dear Reader,

I was born and grew up in Philadelphia, where I spent countless hours reading and volunteering in the Free Library of Philadelphia. My favorite childhood book was E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, and to this day it inspires me, since the character of Charlotte is a writer like I am—though she writes her words in her web and I write them on my computer.

Deborah Lee Rose baby picture

Deborah helping plant the first tree at her elementary school (she's kneeling, second from right)

Deborah helping plant the first tree at her elementary school (she’s kneeling, second from right)


After graduating from Cornell University, where I wrote for the campus newspaper, I helped create the PLANET EARTH series for Time-Life Books. My first children’s book, The People Who Hugged the Trees: An Environmental Folktale, written for my first child, was translated into multiple languages, recorded for audio and video internationally, featured in major school reading anthologies, inspired original music for the album “A Childhood Remembered,” and is performed today as live readers’ theater in the U.S. and other countries.

I discovered my deep love for the ocean on many trips with my children to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, which led me to write several ocean books. Into the A, B, Sea: An Ocean Alphabet has sold more than a quarter million copies. I have written on different environmental themes, including Australian koala rescue in Jimmy the Joey. I was first introduced to raptors as part of my work for Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, and my newest book in progress is the true story of an amazing bald eagle and her prosthetic beak.

I read as much as I can from first thing in the morning until bedtime, especially about animals, science, history, and cultures around the world.  I also love to walk near my home in a beautiful place that has many kinds of birds, including herons, egrets, hawks, vultures, and geese. This is where I saw my first bald eagle soaring in the wild, a breathtaking experience.

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